From "A" like apple strudel to "Z" as in Zander

If you starve yourself, you only save money for your heirs! Take a look at an excerpt from the menu of our Milchbar café & restaurant in the center of Gerlos. Aside from Tyrolean specialties, we also conjure up dishes from around the world right there on the table in front of you.

Eating & drinking at Milchbar

  • Soups: tomato, homemade goulash soup, pancake soup, Thai Tom Kha soup, ...
  • Salads with a variety of toppings: chicken filet, ham and cheese, tuna,...and our popular house dressing made of high-quality, cold-pressed oil and a little bit of cream
  • Snacks and light meals: toasts, Strammer Max, omelets, variety of breads - we use free-range eggs
  • Specials: chicken drums, nuggets, ...
  • Austrian specialties: mushroom goulash – as long as Tina can find some ;-), Apricot dumplings, but only if the fruit is really sweet!
  • Rösti: this special potato dish is available only here from us! Always a mouthwatering delight, with a variety of toppings.
  • Baked potatoes: in a variety of forms ...
  • Thai specials: Green curry ...
  • Meat dishes: burger, broad range of schnitzels, grilled sausage, steaks ...
  • Fish: salmon, scampi
  • Italian dishes: pizza and pasta
  • Desserts: We are virtually unbeatable in this field and renowned both far and wide. Be it pancakes, ride pudding, or our cakes and pies - we have "sinful pleasures" to match everyone's taste!
  • Alcohol-free drinks: soft drinks, fruit juices, Red Bull
  • Select wines from Austria and around the world: Zweigelt, Grüner Veltliner, Rioja, Shiraz, Chardonnay
  • Beer: freshly tapped - Zillertaler Pils brewed in Zell im Zillertal, Franziskaner Weizenbier.
    In bottles, we also offer Radler made from naturally cloudy Zwickelbier as well as alcohol-free beer and wheat beer.
  • Spirits: fine spirits, including from the local Stiegenhaus distillery, whiskey, cognac, liqueurs, ...
  • Coffee specialties with and without alcohol: iced coffee, Coffee almond, Irish coffee, Bärentrank, Corretto, ...
    We have purchased our coffee for more than 30 years from small private roasting house  “Nosko” in Innsbruck.
  • Hot milk drinks: walnut milk, Ovaltine, honey milk, chocolate rum, Chocolate Malibu, cinnamon chocolate, ...
    Our milk is supplied exclusively by local farmers and happy cows :-)
  • Milk specialties: milk shakes with and without alcohol   
  • All things yogurt: yogurt shakes, yogurt with fruit, yogurt with honey

For our little guests we also have a great selection from which they can choose! Seniors' Servings: We will be glad to cut our serving sizes in half just for you ...

Fine coffee specialties at the Milchbar
Milchbar cafe in Gerlos
Apricot dumpling
The Milchbar girls Tina & Isabell
Milchbar restaurant in Gerlos
Fresh, light cuisine at the Milchbar
Cozy cafe in Gerlos