Team spirit at the Milchbar ...

Never change a winning team! Finally we have the chance to point out the members of our staff who are doing such a great job here in our Cafe-Restaurant.



A big "Thank you" to everybody!

  • 6 girls are busy serving you
  • our barmaids make the glasses dance
  • 4 cooks are constantly vying for top honors
  • 1 dish-washer juggles all the dishes and glasses
  • 1 caretaker
  • our "lady propper" ;-) keeps everything clean

It might look easy, but it's work that demands hard work, discipline and dedication! "Thank you" to everybody!

Fine coffee specialties at the Milchbar
Milchbar cafe in Gerlos
Apricot dumpling
The Milchbar girls Tina & Isabell
Milchbar restaurant in Gerlos
Fresh, light cuisine at the Milchbar
Cozy cafe in Gerlos